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CIG Launches HP Remanufactured Multipack Range

CIG has created a solution to guarantee significant cost reductions and flawless quality printing – the CIG Multipack range.

Tailored for a modern and competitive workspace environment, multipacks are an effective means of generating revenue growth. Your order values will increase, unit costs will decrease, thereby contributing to the holy grail of increased profit margins.

The CIG multipack range is set to expand over time as it extends to other OEM brands, subsequently creating more opportunities for extra profit and wallet share, all with the well-known and respected CIG warranty and quality.

HP Remanufactured Multipack Range
Replaces OEM
part number
Description Product
data sheet
CE400X/01A/02A/03A M551-4-FRC HP Colour LJ M551 CMYK set Download
CF380X/81A/82A/83A M476-4-FRC HP Colour LJ M476 CMYK set Download
CE410X/11A/12A/13A M451-4-FRC HP Colour LJ M451 CMYK set Download
CF210X/11A/12A/13A M251-4-FRC HP Colour LJ M251 CMYK set Download
CE260A/61A/62A/63A 4025-4-FRC HP Colour LJ CP4025 CMYK set Download
CE250X/51A/52A/53A 3525-4-FRC HP Colour LJ CP3525 CMYK set Download
CE320A/21A/22A/23A 1525-4-FRC HP Colour LJ CP1525 CMYK set Download
CE310A/11A/12A/13A 1025-4-FRC HP Color LJ CP1025 CMYK set Download
CC530A/31A/33A/32A 2025-4-FRC HP Color LJ CP2025 CMYK set Download
CB540A/41A/43A/42A 1215-4-FRC HP Color LJ CP1215 CMYK set Download

Our toner cartridges are designed, engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM performance. Contact your sales representative today for more information and stock availability.

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