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CIG Announces their New Twin Pack Range

CIG Announces their New Twin Pack Range

Twin Pack toner cartridges offers the same professional print quality but at better value than individual cartridges.

With the new CIG Twin Pack toner cartridge range, you can print more pages for a fraction of the price of the OEM and save on shipping costs by getting two cartridges in one order.

Stay productive and reduce downtime by always keeping an extra toner cartridge on hand!

The CIG Twin Pack range is continuously expanding with more interesting products on the way. So, make sure you watch out for our next product announcements!

Replaces OEM
part number
Name Page yield
TN3390 TWIN TN3390-2-FRC Brother HL-6180 Twin Pack 12000x2
2662B005 C718K-2-FRC Canon I-Sensys LBP-7200/7210/7660/7680 (718) Black Twin Pack 3400x2
CE310AD 1025K-2-FRC HP Color LaserJet CP1025 (126A) Black Twin Pack 1200x2
CB540AD 1215K-2-FRC HP Color LaserJet CP1215/CP1515 (125A) Black Twin Pack 2200x2
CE320AD 1525K-2-FRC HP Color LaserJet CP1525 (128A) Black Twin Pack 2000x2
CC530AD 2025K-2-FRC HP Color LaserJet CP2025 (304A) Black Twin Pack 3500x2
CE250XD 3525K-HY-2-FRC HP Color LaserJet CP3525 (504X) Black High Yield Twin Pack 10500x2
CF210XD M251K-HY-2-FRC HP Color LaserJet M251 (131X) Black High Yield Twin Pack 2400x2
CE410XD M451K-HY-2-FRC HP Color LaserJet M451 (305X) Black High Yield Twin Pack 4000x2
Q2612AD 12A-2-FRC HP LaserJet 1010 (12A) Twin Pack 2000x2
CF283AD M127-2-FRC HP LaserJet M125/M127 (83A) Twin Pack 1500x2
CF280XD 80X-2-FRC HP LaserJet M401 (80X) High Yield Twin Pack 6900x2
CE390XD 90X-2-FRC HP LaserJet M4555 (90X) High Yield Twin Pack 24000x2
CB435AD 35A-2-FRC HP LaserJet P1005/P1006 (35A) Twin Pack 1500x2
CE285AD 85A-2-FRC HP LaserJet P1102 (85A) Twin Pack 1600x2
CB436AD 36A-2-FRC HP LaserJet P1505 (36A) Twin Pack 2000x2
CE278AD 78A-2-FRC HP LaserJet P1606 (78A) Twin Pack 2100x2
CE505AD 505A-2-FRC HP LaserJet P2035/P2055 (05A) Twin Pack 2300x2
CE505XD 505X-2-FRC HP LaserJet P2055 (05X) High Yield Twin Pack 6500x2
CE255XD 255X-2-FRC HP LaserJet P3015 (55X) High Yield Twin Pack 12500x2
CC364XD 64X-2-FRC HP LaserJet P4015/P4515 (64X) High Yield Twin Pack 24000x2
106R02605 X7100K-2-FRC Xerox Phaser 7100 High Yield Series Twin Pack 10,000
106R02602 X7100C-2-FRC Xerox Phaser 7100 High Yield Series Twin Pack 9,000
106R02603 X7100M-2-FRC Xerox Phaser 7100 High Yield Series Twin Pack 9,000
106R02604 X7100Y-2-FRC Xerox Phaser 7100 High Yield Series Twin Pack 9,000
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